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Trolley Panorama от Cerruti

The 'Panorama' trolley bag from Cerruti 1881 is convenient and lightweight. It provides over 50 L of luggage space, ideal for short travels. Its body is made from highly resistant polyester-coated canvas. Comes in a Cerruti 1881 branded nylon bag.

Trolley Panorama
Trolley Panorama от Cerruti Trolley Panorama от Cerruti Trolley Panorama от Cerruti 

Артикул: CRLT14
Бренд: Cerruti
Размер: 610 x 300 x 320 mm
Вес: 2.56 кг.
Цена: 21,050 р.
10 штук: 18,945 р./шт.
100 штук: 18,419 р./шт.

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